Platform Wars!


So we all have that one platform that we just can’t do without. It’s our all time favourite and you always seem to choose it over everything else. But whether it’s a PlayStation or an Xbox, there always seems to be that one person that insists their platform is better than yours… I’ve gotten into so many arguments with friends about this and it always ends with someone being upset or offended. This is such a sensitive subject among the Squad that we decided to just leave it alone :/



Well, my favourite platform is the Xbox. Let’s get one thing straight: the Xbox is not just a gaming platform; it’s a home entertainment system. With the ability to play Blu-Ray; record, edit and share gameplay; and browse the web there’s no way any other platform is winning me over. And yes, “But PC can do the same thing, and do it 10x better”, but the PC is a computer that has been built and modified over the past few decades to be able to do absolutely anything and have a variety of uses for your everyday needs. The Xbox was meant to be purely a gaming system, but has managed to evolve over the years into something more.


I always seem to run into those pesky PC gamers who believe they’re part of the so called “Master Race” and that the PC is the ultimate unbeatable gaming platform. And yes, that may be true, because PC has the best graphics, free games and you can also build it up to suit your personal style. Plus all games are made on PC and played by all consoles. So obviously PC does win that battle. Then came Windows 10 and Xbox One. Now you can play all your favorite Xbox games on Windows. Some would say that that solves the issue, but this just gives PC gamers a very unneeded ego-boost. Don’t get me wrong: PC is an amazing gaming platform and a well built one can easily out-do the latest consoles, but I’d still choose a console over PC.


There aren’t many issues with PlayStation though, well not at least that I’ve come across anyways. The PlayStation 1 was the first “new, next gen” system I played on at that time and was my favorite. Until sadly it died. Then the xbox 360 came to the rescue. But anyway, people who play on PlayStation generally tend to be nicer and don’t get as much grief either. But then again I don’t play on PlayStation so won’t actually know …..


The thing is that we all game in a way that we are most comfortable with and that we all enjoy the most whether it’s on an Xbox, PC or a PlayStation and everyone else just need’s to stop hating you for what you love. After all, it’s not all about the platform but rather the games themselves that are important and make you happy.

“Make love, not console wars”

Stay beautiful, peace out  (^_^)v